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We list four key things any good structural concrete contractor should know about working with concrete. Contact Donald Rushing today for more information.

By admin_dr on 8 October 18 Construction

When working with a general contractor on the construction or renovation of your commercial building, it’s important that you not only consider the current needs of your organization but the future of the organization as well. It’s why so many builders are now reviewing the importance of end walls in terms of the scalability and […]

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Your Guide to State-of-the-Art Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for the Georgia and South Carolina Farming Communities

By admin_dr on 5 October 18 Construction

When installing pre-engineered metal buildings on your property, it is essential that you have a thorough understanding of all the specifications that the building must meet before selecting your pre-engineered metal building contractor, particularly in Georgia and South Carolina when the building will be used to house and secure livestock. In this post, we’ll highlight […]

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Discover the Design Flexibility of Pre-Engineered Buildings

By admin_dr on 4 October 18 Construction

Working with a qualified pre-engineered metal building contractor can help you capitalize on the design flexibility pre-engineered metal buildings offer. But many building owners have limited experience in this area, and so within this latest post, we’ll delve a little further into the design flexibility that pre-engineered buildings provide. Speed of building A leading advantage […]

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A Guide to Working with Concrete Contractors on Concrete Column Repair

By admin_dr on 18 September 18 General Contracting

Concrete repair work must be carefully considered due to the structural issues involved in working with the materials. This is especially important when repairing a concrete column, which supports a larger concrete structure. Only the leading and highly experienced concrete contractors should take on this type of work and so, within this latest post, our […]

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Tips for Finding Qualified Commercial Construction Contractors in Savannah, GA

By admin_dr on 12 September 18 Construction

Commercial construction contractors should be able to provide you with quality work that fits your specifications and budget. But deciding which company offers the best service is not always easy. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction offers decades of experience as one of the leading commercial construction contractors in Savannah, GA. And in our latest […]

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How To Decide Between Site Cast And Plant Cast Concrete Buildings In Savannah GA

By admin_dr on 6 July 18 General Contracting

Should you site cast or plant cast your concrete for you next building? This is an important question that affects construction time and costs. The answer lies in understanding the differences between the two. Here is what general contractors in Savannah, GA think you need to know. Understanding the Differences Site casting, unlike precast, involves […]

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The Importance Of Concrete Foundations And Slabs In Large-Scale Industrial Construction Projects

By admin_dr on 2 July 18 Construction

Reports tracking commercial and industrial construction activity have shown consistent growth in recent years, with no signs of a slowdown anytime in the near future. These construction projects include everything from government buildings and entertainment complexes to medical buildings, sports complexes, office and educational buildings, among other large-scale construction projects. The need for qualified and […]

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Contractors in Savannah, GA – Proper Ground Prep Is What Makes A Concrete Slab Last

By admin_dr on 24 May 18 Construction

One of the things that separates great general contractors in Savannah, GA, from all the rest is their knowledge of how to properly prepare the ground for a concrete pour.  In many ways, ground prep is more important than anything done with the concrete itself.   No matter how good the concrete is, if the ground hasn’t been properly […]

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Four Things You Want When Hiring Commercial Construction Contractors

By admin_dr on 24 May 18 Construction

With the ongoing construction boom around the country, there’s also been a boom in contractors.  When hiring for a construction job, you’ll have no shortage of commercial construction contractors who will want to bid for your project.  This can make it surprisingly difficult, sorting through all the offers and trying to figure out which contractors might […]

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Signing Commercial Contractor Agreements

By admin_dr on 11 May 18 Concrete contractors

When you’ve made an agreement with a commercial contractor, you must then abide by the stipulations of the agreement. So, it’s important to avoid any mistakes when signing agreements with your commercial contractor. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction Company has experience in this area, and we’re explaining five mistakes to avoid when signing an […]

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How a Construction Manager Can Educate Inexperienced Employees

By admin_dr on 10 May 18 Concrete contractors

Educating inexperienced employees can help your organization build a strong foundation for the future. With more staff members to call upon, you can move your company forward and meet your long-term project goals. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction has significant experience in this area, and in this latest post, we’re highlighting how your construction […]

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Should A Commercial Contractor Rent or Buy Their Equipment?

By admin_dr on 4 April 18 General Contracting

One of the biggest questions facing any commercial contractor is whether it’s better to rent or buy the equipment they use.  This is a decision that can impact the customers of those contractors as well because the quality and type of equipment can have a major impact on the final quality of their projects. In […]

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The Importance of Great Project Management to Commercial Construction Contractors

By admin_dr on 4 April 18 Construction

Successful commercial construction contractors have complex operations, with a large number of workers and pieces of equipment.  Without proper oversight and management, all those individual items and people could have a difficult time coming together to successfully complete a project.  That’s where project managers come in. In many ways, the project manager is one of the […]

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Understanding the Importance of Equipment Maintenance for a Commercial Contractor

By admin_dr on 15 March 18 General Contracting

You don’t work as a commercial contractor for more than thirty years without picking up a few things about how to manage a contracting firm.  One of the most critical is just how important equipment maintenance is—specifically preventative maintenance.  At Donald Rushing Construction, we’ve encountered many contractors who seem to regard maintenance as an optional activity, but […]

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Four Ways to Hire the Right Construction Employees

By admin_dr on 10 March 18 Construction

A commercial contractor is only as good as their crew!  That might seem obvious, but a lot of contractors tend to cut corners with personnel or have poor hiring practices.  They employ crews that are unreliable or inexperienced to save money and that brings down the quality of every project they undertake. Whether you’re looking to hire […]

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Three Reasons to Hire Professional Concrete Contractors—Even for Small Jobs

By admin_dr on 16 January 18 Construction

At Donald Rushing Construction Company, we sometimes hear builders and remodelers say, “I don’t need to hire a concrete contractor.  It’s just a small job.”  They seem to believe that professional concrete contractors are only for major work, and that something like laying down a small foundation is a job that any contractor can do. […]

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Six Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring a Structural Concrete Contractor

By admin_dr on 15 January 18 Construction

When you’re hiring a structural concrete contractor, you are putting a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.  Typically, they create the foundation for the entire project, so the success or failure of your project rests in large part on them. Picking the right contractor, obviously,is of paramount importance—and the selection criteria should include factors other […]

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Four Tips for Using a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for Your New Sports Facility

By admin_dr on 9 January 18 Metal Building

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a great option for housing a sports facility.  The economy, relatively short construction timeline, low long-term maintenance costs, and flexible design options make them perfect for buildings that will see a lot of traffic and heavy use over the years.    Here Four Ways to Get the Most for Your Pre-Engineered […]

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How Hiring General Contractors in Savannah, GA., Can Save Time and Money

By admin_dr on 8 January 18 General Contracting

If you have a major new construction project on the horizon, choosing the right general contractors in Savannah, Ga., could be a key decision for keeping costs and build time as low as possible.  Especially for major projects, hiring an experienced general contractor with the resources to manage and staff your project will save you time and […]

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5 Myths About Concrete Contractors and Construction That Most People Still Believe

By admin_dr on 9 November 17 Concrete contractors

There’s no doubt that building customers hearing a lot of myths about concrete work— and often time from the concrete contractors they interview.  As such Donald Rushing Construction tends to spend a fair amount of time educating people about concrete.

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